The finest in quality and craftsmanship for custom designed dock seals and dock shelters.
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Loading Dock Seal and Shelter Manufacturer

At Southeastern Dock Systems we manufacture dock seals and dock shelters. We are located in Athens, AL and have been in business for over 30 years. We are a small family owned business. Being a small business allows us the flexibility for us to meet our customers demands for quick turnaround times and custom products.
dock seal with head pad dsp100

Dock Seal with Head Pad

dock seal with head curtain dsc100

Dock Seal with Head Curtain

rigid dock shelter rs100

Rigid Dock Shelter

combo seal shelter css100

Combo Seal & Shelter

l pad with dock seal lp100

L-Pad Dock Seal

Our dock seals and shelters are designed to increase safety and productivity in the workplace. We are proud to meet OSHA and ANSI standards.
home loading dock levelers

SDS Loading Dock Equipment

Our range of reliable dock levelers, truck restraints, and accessories are built to last and serve. They are designed to keep businesses running safely, smoothly, and on schedule every day.
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We strive to offer the very best products by using high quality materials in all of our products. We do this at a competitive price and in a very reasonable time frame.
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