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Wheel Chocks

Long-lasting molded rubber design can be chained to the dock. Also available in a laminated model.

Dock Lights

Double strut or adjustable extension arm models are available in standard lengths up to 90". Lightweight polycarbonate lamp heads won't dent or heat up. Optional fan attachment also available to ventilate railcar, truck or trailer environments.

Metal Dock Canopies

Our metal dock canopies are made from premium-grade materials that offer excellent wear resistance and durability for an additional barrier of protection from the outdoor weather elements. Protect your employees and your products with a metal dock canopy from SDS.

Vinyl Strip Doors

Vinyl Strip Doors saves energy costs by reducing the amount of heat or cool air lost through an unprotected opening. Vinyl strip doors require very little maintenance and can also protect your product through dust control and help reduce noise levels as well.

Dock Bumpers

Laminated and molded rubber construction bumpers are available in a broad array of shapes and sized to fit your loading dock needs.
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