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dock seal with head pad dsp100

Dock Seal with Head Pad: DSP100

Three-piece foam filled dock seal to create the most economical & effective application for 8’ and 9’ high doors.

Specifications / Submittal


  • Polyurethane foam
  • Pressure treated and kiln dried lumber
  • 4” wide guide stripe on full length of side pads allows easy visibility for drivers.
  • Vent holes in side pads and head pad allow moisture and air to be released.
  • 18” high head pad is standard on 8’ tall door and 12” high head pads are standard for 9’ tall doors.
  • Base material offered in different weights and colors.
  • Bottom of side pads are tapered to prevent excessive wear and damage.
  • Galvanized hardware.


  • Drop Curtain – A 12” drop curtain with Velcro can be added to the head pad on 9’ tall door openings to accommodate different trailer heights. The Velcro allows it to be out of the way when the drop curtain is not in use.
  • Wear Pleats – Additional layers of fabric are sewn to the face of the side pads and head pad to add an extra layer of protection to extend the life of the dock seals. These are recommended for docks with heavy traffic.
  • Wear Face – Additional layer of fabric sewn on to the side pads and/or head pad in specific wear areas to prevent damage to the dock seal. This is recommended for docks with heavy traffic.
  • Tapered Side Pads – Side pads can be tapered to accommodate sloping drives at no additional cost.
  • Block-Outs – Wooden frames covered in vinyl to accommodate a wall set back or a deeper dock.
  • Steel Backers – 14-gauge steel channels can be used as the back boards in place of the pressure treated lumber.
  • Fire Resistant Vinyl – Fire resistant vinyl is offered in a 22 oz. or 40 oz. weight.
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