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rigid dock shelter rs100

Rigid Dock Shelter: RS100

Rigid dock shelters are the most versatile solution, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of trailer sizes. The dock shelter allows full access to the rear of the trailer while still keeping the dock protected from the elements.

Specifications / Submittal


  • Pressure treated lumber framework covered with translucent fiberglass (top frame and side frames) still allows natural light to enter the dock area.
  • 24” projection is standard projection for 4 ½” dock bumpers.
  • Coated vinyl fabric face curtains have foam edging on inside edge, which conforms to the trailer to create a better seal.
  • Raked head frame prevents collection of water and other outside elements.
  • Wear face with yellow guide stripes is sewn on the bottom of the face curtains to protect them from the trailers lower corners.
  • Shock cord holds the head curtain in place on each lower corner.
  • Four 8” exposure wear pleats in corners of the head curtain to protect it from the trailers edges.
  • Foam-filled draft pads installed in lower corners of shelter side frames to prevent air from entering, “NO STEP” safety logo permanently attached to face of draft pads.
  • Aluminum angle trim secures the face and head curtains to the shelter frame.
  • Heavy-duty steel bumpers guards support the shelter frame and protect it from vehicles entering the dock.
  • Face curtain material offered in different weights and colors.
  • Stays in face curtains.


  • Tapered Side Frames: Side frames are tapered to accommodate sloping driveways.
  • Flat Head Frame: A flat head frame can be constructed for use with enclosed dock applications.
  • Common-member Side Frame: One side frame constructed to serve as two side frames for use where two individual shelters will not adequately fit.
  • False Header: Used for extra tall doors
  • Vinyl Frame Covering: White vinyl can be used on the side frames in lieu of the translucent fiberglass.
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